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Welcome to Skywings Paragliding

“Once in a lifetime flying adventure”
Thirty years of a success story in Aviation

Let's fly on a Magic Carpet

“Experience the magic of a paragliding ride
while floating over beautiful Cape Town.”

Its all about thrilling memories

“Don’t just dream of doing it,make it happen.
We will widen your world.”

Experience the difference

Our premium goal is for all our customers to enjoy
their Paragliding experience with us.

Welcome to Skywings Paragliding

Tandem Paragliding is one of the most popular activity in Cape Town. This comes from its safety, comfort, smooth ride, exhilarating manoeuvres whoever can handle and it is open to anyone.

Most of us dream of flying

Tandem Paragliding in Cape Town is as close to flying as you can get, and a tandem flight puts you in the viewing seat giving you the perfect chance to enjoy your first flight – leaving all the technicalities to your experienced pilot. Our tandem paragliding gallery is a great way to see all the people who have enjoyed this experience give you a taster of what you can expect when you take to the sky with us.

You can do it

Anyone can come and do this awesome outdoor activity, you don’t need any prior paragliding experience at all. We fly everyone from 7 to 87 years old, 20 kg to 120 kg, anyone willing to experience the thrill and gain a once-in-a-lifetime experience of seeing Cape Town from the sky. So get out your comfort zone, book with us and join the Skywings Paragliding team up in the sky, above the Atlantic Ocean and mother city of Cape Town.

Is it SAFE?

At Skywings Paragliding we have a proven 100% safety record from day one which we credit to our staff, professionally maintained and certified equipment and our company procedures. We have provided additional tandem paragliding information to set your mind at ease and leap into the world of adventure.

Tandem Paragliding Flight Prices


We let our Cape Town paragliding clients do the Talking…

“Amazing experience, loads of fun flying in the sky. Best way to show my friend from the UK our coastline. Staff are friendly and professional. Absolutely loved it. Definitely will do it again with Skywings Paragliding. Worth every penny. And glad I purchased the photos :)” 


“Gosh, what can I say about this amazing experience?? Made me want to quit my day job and move to Cape Town and do this all day long. Skywings Paragliding was amazing and very professional, Kai’s instruction was clear and it obvious how much he loves it. Thank you guys, you have made my birthday unforgettable and I can’t wait to do it again!! A must try!!!” 

“Fantastic experience with a really great team. I thought this might be a daunting trip and did have second thoughts but Jody and Kai and the rest of the team replaced the ‘fear’ with ‘fun’. Totally recommend both this company and the activity of paragliding!” 

“Amazing experience, loads of fun flying in the sky. Best way to show my friend from the UK our coastline. Staff are friendly and professional. Absolutely loved it. Definitely will do it again with Skywings Paragliding. Worth every penny. And glad I purchased the photos :)” 


“It was my first time paragliding, and I want to do it again! It was such an amazing experience. Skywings responded fast and communicated in advance when the weather was bad. I was able to rebook immediately. I was met with friendly smiles and an excited pilot that took me safely in the air and landed graciously.” 

“I Bought a voucher as a Gift on last day of Holiday in Cape Town (at very short notice). What an amazing experience. Jody was really efficient and helpful with the information about the activity, booking the time slot for me, doing the admin and paperwork. Mark, the pilot was phenomenal- calm, relaxed. Realizing that the wind was changing, he launched really quickly. Mark was Friendly and patient! He calmed the person jumping down – chatting and giving info during the flight, ensuring a breathtaking jump. Just an amazing experience!” 

“An exhilarating experience! Paragliding in Cape Town is definitely a must-do. We booked last minute but Jody was very accommodating and prompt with her replies. Although the flight was only 15 minutes, but the breathtaking view is totally worth it! Credits to my pilot Marc for flying me safely despite my last min ‘fear-of-heights’ confession! To quote him, it’s just a flying carpet ride… That ‘turbulence swirl’ he did at the end was abit nerve-wrecking but totally exciting!! Would definitely do this again anytime! Thank you Marc, Jody & Skywings team for the amazing experience!” 

“This is the first time I have ever given a review for anything. I feel I must. After researching the different companies providing this service I settled on Skywings and it was the best decision ever. Jody is super friendly, efficient, and reliable with all communications related to your jump. The pilots (Kai and Mark) are not only professional, but also great company, with awesome chats. They don’t make you feel like they’ve done this a thousand times before so your jump is not special. They share your excitement & have great energy. The pics and video quality are spectacular. Overall, good value for money. Thanks guys!!!” 


Our aim is to give you the best Cape Town paragliding flight possible. We also provide some of the best in-flight photos out there.


We proudly share our greatness in that we always succeed in being awarded “Service of excellence” awards by multiple companies and partners.

Meet Our Team

This is the Skywings tandem paragliding team which make your experience safe, smooth, exhilarating and joyful. This is the team that makes our company great.

Kayhan Dura

Kayhan Dura

Owner / Tandem Paragliding Instructor

Jody Hughes

Jody Hughes

Head Manager

Earl Valentine

Earl Valentine

Chief Tandem Instructor

Tom Webb

Tom Webb

Safety Officer / Tandem Instructor

David Daniel

David Daniel

Tandem Paragliding Instructor

Sukan Sahin

Sukan Sahin

Tandem Paragliding Instructor

What People are Saying

“Wow (and I thought I was scared of heights)”

Due to my issues with heights, I was pretty nervous at the start, but Kai and David used some humor to calm me down and we got on with it pretty quickly so I had no time for doubts.

“It’s a must-do activity!”

I flew with Kay Dura (the Turkish instructor) and I personally recommend him. With more than 20 years experience, he?s got a gift to find those thermal updrafts. We we?re airborne for 20-25 minutes.

“Another successful experience”

Now I could go on about the professionalism of Skywings, the way that they make every moment fun and relaxed and the focus they place on safety but something that set them apart that day was the role they played in the proposal.

By all means book with Skywings

I went with Kai from Skywings and he made the trip so much more worthwhile, getting lift at certain spots to go higher and higher and then finally only going down with some tight turning in between.


Hours of Operation

8:00am – 6:00pm


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