How long will the paragliding flight be?

Even though we would like to fly as long as possible, we cannot guarantee the flying time.

Flight duration is dependent on weather and how much acro flying you ask for.

Signal hill take off point is 350mt above the landing point. Paraglider is losing just a bit more then a meter per second which would give us more less 300 seconds in the air. That is 5 minutes exactly. If you ask for some maneuvers towards the end that would also reduce the flying time. We can only increase the flying time if we can find some lift (rising air currents) in the air.

Can I do Paragliding if I'm scared of heights?

With our many years of experience we realize 99% of people think that they are scared of heights, but they are actually scared of falling.

Paragliding is not like being on a roof top, high building, shear edge or even on a balcony without a safety harness.

We don’t jump off the edge of the mountain, we just run a few steps down the gentle slope with an open glider until it takes us airborne.

In the air it feels more like sitting in a chair and watching widescreen TV.

Will I get sick?

The air currents are similar to the currents you would fine out at sea so there is a high possibility that you may feel sick in the air if you suffer from motion sickness.

To prevent this we advise to take motion sickness tablets and inform your pilot.

Can I talk to my pilot in the air?

Unlike motorized aircraft Paragliding offers quite peaceful and comfortable flying.

Because of its low air speed you can easily talk to your pilot.

All our pilots speak fluent English so you don’t need to know sign language 🙂

Are Take-offs and Landings Difficult?

Depending on how much wind there is, take-offs generally require just a few steps to get into the air.

The less wind there is the more you will have to run. The most important thing to remember is DON’T SIT DOWN AND DON’T JUMP.

Your pilot will make sure you are seated comfortable once you are flying.

For landing your pilot will prompt you to stand up and maybe run few steps as you touch down.

How do I make a booking?

You can call us directly on +27 71 605 0986 or complete the online booking form.

Can I take my own camera on the flight?

You are allowed to bring your own camera to take in-flight photos as long as it’s secure.

We don’t take any responsibility for any damage to your belongings or any damage to third parties if you drop your camera.

Where do we meet?

Our primary meeting point is Signal hill car park. Which is at the end of Signal Hill drive.

Some days when strong south westerly wind allows us fly from Lion’s Head our meeting point is Lion’s Head parking, which we will inform you to meet us there.

How do I pay?

Even though we prefer cash, you can also EFT, pay with PayPal or credit card.

How do I get my in flight pictures and video?

After landing safely your pilot will hand over the micro SD card been used to take photos and videos to you.

Is tandem paragliding safe?

As long as a human is involved, nothing is risk free.

This is why at Skywings paragliding you get to fly with the most experienced pilots and the latest and safest equipment available.

Each passenger is briefed and issued with helmet, all pilots carry complete reserve and communication systems,

Weather conditions are carefully assessed before we take you up and again on take off.

Can anybody fly tandem paragliding?

Almost everyone can do tandem paragliding.

Tandem paragliding doesn’t require any previous experience.

Our age limit is 10 years for young children and no limit for elderly people.

Our weight limit is between 25 to 115 kilos. For heavy passengers it is also weather dependent.

What do I need to bring?

Closed shoes, trainers etc. Bottle of water.
Sun-cream, hat and sunglasses. Comfy clothing according to weather.

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