Tandem Paragliding in Turkey

Spectacular view of mediterranean coastline, fairly long flying time, stable weather conditions and perfect take off sites makes Oludeniz the best tandem paragliding site in Europe, if not the world. Taking off from 1960mt summit of Babadag mountain, your flight will take you over the ridges with a bird view eye view of the white streched beach and the famous Lagoon. After a 25 to 45 minute flight, you will smoothly land close to the beach.

Babadag has 3 different take off sites and paragliding launch site we use depends on the wind direction at the time. Tandem paragliding flights vary in duration and it is not possible for us to guarantee a specific flight time due to the changeable nature of the wind and general weather conditions in Oludeniz. We only fly in conditions that allow us to launch and land safely. Our tandem paragliding flight instructors are all highly experienced and love to fly. They will always make every effort to give you the longest (up to 45 minutes) and most enjoyable flight possible.

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